Red Belly Blockchain


The Red Belly Blockchain is unforkable. By contrast, mainstream blockchains tolerate that multiple blocks be appended at the same index of the blockchain, hence causing what are known as forks. To prevent an attacker from exploiting these forks and double spending in two of these blocks, these blockchains try to prune out these forks. Unlike curing of the forks, the Red Belly Blockchain prevents them: the consensus among the participants occurs before a new block is added, so that the blockchain remains a "chain".


Integrity verification without extensive storage

Our verification process makes the balance of an address verifyable without downloading the blockchain.

High Throughput

Achieve 600K transactions per second

Our built-in concurrency leads to unprecedented performance as the number of service providers increase. 

Fast Settlement

A transaction gets committed in the second

The absence of forks means there is no need for any number of confirmations. A transaction in a block is there for good.