Even large-scale applications deserve an unforkable blockchain.

Endemic to Sydney, Australia, the Red Belly Blockchain builds upon cutting edge consensus research to preserve integrity world wide regardless of failures and attacks.

by experts

The expertise of the Concurrent Systems Research Group is in the theory and practice of distributed computing. With many years of experience, the group members have defined a new problem, called the Blockchain Consensus with French and Spanish researchers.


The Red Belly Blockchain offers unprecedented throughput of more than 600 thousands transactions per second (an order of magnitude faster than Visa). Its safety aspect is of invaluable importance for critical industries, like banking, and offers performance that scales horizontally.

with security
in mind

Our researchers in collaboration with Data61-CSIRO, demonstrated the limitations of forkable blockchains (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) and how one can issue a Balance Attack to double spend, which consists of stealing assets from the blockchain.


The Red Belly Blockchain enforces integrity initially rather than  recovering from inconsistencies, hence avoiding double spending.



The list of participants is adjusted as necessary on the fly, hence bridging the gap between public and private blockchains. 


Allocating permissions has never been simpler. Restrict the visibility, allow members to update, or offer your blockchain to the Internet.

Tyler Crain

Postdoctoral Fellow

Tyler is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Sydney. He is well known for his coordination of the development of the SyncFree database.

Vincent Gramoli


Vincent was affiliated with EPFL, INRIA, Cornell and is now the head of the Concurrent Systems Research Group at the University of Sydney.

Chris Natoli

PhD Candidate

Christopher is a PhD student at the University of Sydney. He is known for his Balance Attack against forkable consortium blockchains.  

Gary Shapiro


Gary is an expert in entrepreneuship. He is a founding member  of Rimon and has  successfully sold his own company in the past.

Michael Spain

Research Scientist

Michael has a combined background in Finance and Information Technologies.  He has experience in analyzing the fluctuation of crypo-currency markets.

Guillaume Vizier

Research Scientist

Guillaume is an intern at Data61-CSIRO, Australia. He has worked at making the first efficient consistent blockchain highly dynamic.